Carer's Allowance and Direct Payments together

I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.
My Dad has needed 24-hour supervision since acute illness in January so I quit my job and claimed Carer’s Allowance in the full knowledge that I would need to find an alternative financial solution to enable me to keep paying my new mortgage pretty quickly. Six months down the line, I have dragged my Dad through the Needs Assessment process and persuaded social services that they should allow me to be his Direct Payments PA, although the DP budget is only £120/week, which still leaves me financially bereft.
Someone has suggested that I should be able to carry on claiming Carer’s Allowance for him whilst receiving the DP income. I cannot imagine this is possible, but does anyone have any experience of attempting this feat? I have trawled the internet for further information to no avail.
Just to clarify, I had just purchased my council house under ‘Right to Buy’ in January, so I can’t sell for 5 years without massive penalty and I’m not allowed to sub-let the now-vacant property to cover the mortgage payments.
Thanks in advance for any advice or assistance offered.

Hi Mabel.

DPs and CA ?


As soon as you receive DPs from an LA / your caree , the relationship of carer / caree changes to that of employer / employee …
and all that goes with employment law.

One for either the CAB or Carers UK Advice Team ( Best by email ) to advise on … contact deatails for both follow :

Citizens Advice

Housing element ?

Mention that to the CAB / Carers Uk Advice Team for additional advice.

There is a Government scheme out there but with one major drawback … a loan that has to be repaid at some point :

Let us know how you get on … it will help us expand our knowledge on this unresolved issue that potentially affects thousands
of family carers out there.

Well, I’ve tried an alternative solution (see second post) but I seem to have come unstuck with this one too - the council are playing hardball! Mabel.

I have replied to your more recent thread.