Carer allowance 2 adresses

I am asking this question for my son, who keeps his room with us but lives most of the time with his girlfriend and daughter. He keeps the room for his own security and to retain a little of his indecency and stability, his girlfriend has taking a worse with her disability and is going to claim pip and possibly has to stop working. My son then wants to claim cares allowance as he is a carer for her and has been for a long time. We need to know, can he keep his room at or house, he is not claiming any benefits here, but we get an allowance for it, insofar, we are allowed to have a 2 bedroom house with our disability claim/ Universal credit which includes a housing element/Housing benefit. Would he have to put his address of his girlfriend with the application for carers allowance or can he put his room at our house address down? He is registered with DVLA,his bank, part-time work and electoral role at our house.

I think a lot depends on what his girlfriend is claiming.

You could all get in a lot of hot water is she is claiming she is living alone!

You really need to get good advice from CAB or the Carers UK helpline.

at the moment they are both working so not having to tell anybody but they do tell people he is there, I thought one can stay anywhere loke i could go out in my camper van or visit friends for 11 months of the year and stay at my house only for one month and it would nobodys buissness.

Wrong. That only applies if you own your property.

If you are claiming housing benefit saying that some people are living there when in fact they are living somewhere else, you could be prosecuted for fraud and end up with a bill for thousands of pounds!!!


I think you need to take expert advice as recommended by BB.

I could only find info on keeping a room for a son/daughter who is at university during term time and returns home during the holidays.

I think you would be viewed as committing fraud as your son has somewhere else to live that is available to him 365 days of the year. Also, his girlfriend could be implicated too, if she is claiming to be a single parent.


citizens advice

carers Uk helpline email address

A friend mine used to work for DWP. All it takes is one neighbour to tell DWP what is going on and they can investigate. Might do some surveillance to see who is coming and going at your place, or his girl friends. Might see who is doing his personal washing judging by what is on the washing line, etc. etc.

Don’t try and get away with anything, it’s never worth it!

It is not about getting away with, it is getting facts right.a friend of mine had his daughter living with him and his wife, his wife grandparents took poorly, they lived 400 miles away, so the daughter moved there temporarily became a carer full time, the grandparents got benefits, but she kept her room at her parents, because that was her permanent address, the parents where claiming benefits, but kept their entitlement for a 2 bedroom house, the daughter came back for respite when she could get other people to cover her. the house. citizen advice said it was why not with my son, it is his girlfriend’s house from the housing association, they now he is staying there, but not on the tenancy.he is not getting benefit at our house, but it is his official address when things get on top of him if he would not have this room he could be classed as homeless.

You need to find out what she is claiming and take proper advice.
What is or isn’t happening to anyone else doesn’t matter. It’s what the law and the regulations say that mattered.
You asked the question, asking for advice, I’m sorry if you don’t like my reply.
I’m not trying to worry you, just to help you avoid the possibility of you getting into trouble at a later date.