Car for my parents

I wondered about what everyone thinks of the best car for my parents.
Both in their 80s and getting in and out is difficult in my old focus.
Looking at grand c max, peugeot 2008, citroen picasso?

Appreciate any advice


What you need is a car with a seats at not too low a level, to ease getting in and out. The Ford Focus, like most run-of-the-mill cars, would be a bit low in this respect. The ones you mention are all worthy of consideration. Your best bet is to look around a few showrooms of various makes. Take a tape measure for comparison and take you parents as well if practicable to try.

You could consider the so-called sports utility vehicles, e.g. Nissan Qasquay, Vauxhall Mocca, Ford Kuga, etc. Don’t be put off by the “butch” appearance; they are actually quite comfortable to ride in and quite high slung, which is what you are looking for.

These cars, like the cars you cited, may seem a bit big, but smaller cars, even high slung ones, may cause problems with limited room to bend knees on entering or limited leg room at the back.

You seem to be already looking in the right places - good luck.

When I used to ferry Mum around (2 knee replacements, osteoporosis; arthritis etc + wheelchair) I found the Nissan Note was a good choice- seats at a reasonable height to allow easy entry and exit, plus plenty of room in the boot for her wheelchair - plus the whole back seat can be moved backwards/forwards without affecting leg room in the front seats.

driving position was good for me too (5’ 2" !).

Yes a Nissan Note is well worth consideration too. It is a bit smaller than the others, hence more economical, but has a practical shape and provides plenty of legroom and luggage space. You can get similar cars from other makers - again look around the showrooms.