Can my husband also give up work?

Hi, hoping for some advice :slight_smile:
My husband and I have 4 children, the youngest two have autism and I am the SAHM and official carer for the youngest. Both receive high rate care and mobility DLA. They are both at home full-time due to school refusal and unsuitable placements. My husband has always worked full time to support us.

My question is…is it possible for my husband to leave his work and become my other child’s official carer and receive financial support? Our situation really needs two carers as I have been torn in different directions for years now and it’s physically taking it’s toll. He earns 25k and, whilst we realise he couldn’t claim that amount in benefits, it would be good to have an idea if we would receive any help on top of his Carers Allowance to make the decision viable.

Hope this makes sense…feeling a bit frazzled! :side: :side: :side:

Kirsty x

Hi Kirsty - welcome!

The short answer is yes!

I strongly suggest though that you look at as that site can give you some idea of what help would be available, as it’s fairly complicated.

Is this is really the long term answer?
It still doesn’t give either of you the opportunity to take any break together.

How old are your children, what special needs do they have?
Have you and your husband both had Carers Assessments from Social Services?
Has each child had a Needs Assessment from Social Services? (My son is now 42, so I’m out of touch with policies for kids now. I’m not sure about the EHCP plans, but each child should have some sort of assessment).
Have you made any plans for if you both get ill or have an accident?

Remember when you use a benefits calculator it’s just a guide. You will not defiantly know until an application is done.

What ages are you? It’s very hard to get back into work once left to become a carer. Does you husband really want to be home full time. Does he want to leave his job and has he spoke with his employer about his caring responsibilities.