Can I take the opportunity for a rant?

I finally managed to persuade [bully] my Ghost Sister (GS) out of hiding about 3/4 weeks ago. When lockdown started she 0 insisted that she needed to shield due to COPD, a condition that she had never mentioned before or since. She later decided that she’d gone into lockdown to ‘protect Mum’ completely forgetting her previous excuse.

Now I wonder why I bothered. She’s less than useless and why I’m surprised I don’t really understand, given her history of being a waste of skin.

Mum has just had her bathroom made over into a wetroom which cost her a small fortune as she didn’t qualify for any sort of grant from the local council. I’ve organised and chased round after every blessed thing and all GS had to do was attend on those mornings I couldn’t to ‘baby sit’. Mum is lovely but she won’t leave workmen alone to get on and insists on popping in every few minutes to see if she can help - 83 years old, frail as can be and struggling with dementia and she wants to help big tough plumbers and decorators! I took a week’s leave so I could be there most of the time and gave up a huge amount of time to help Mum through it but I eventually had to go back to work and was honoured with repeated texts from my sister 'They are late, I’ve been here hours [about 30 mins by most people/s estimation]. Nothing I could do about it since I was at work but of course, they turned up having been simply held up in traffic.

Today all she had to do was keep Mum company while they came to put up the shower curtain. I got back to Mum’s this evening after full day and good grief, the curtain is a mess. It’s about a foot too short and does not go even halfway around the curtain track. it’s clearly not right and anyone could see it. Anyone, of course, except my sister. I asked her why she hadn’t asked them about it while they were here and all she could summon was ‘I didn’t know’. She clearly decided it wasn’t her problem so she wasn’t going to bother asking.

This leaves me, yet again, having to sort it out. I’d tell her to shove off but I can’t be everywhere and I need her to step up and actually HELP so that we can ALL get through this horrible situation for Mum’s sake. GS is 60 next birthday, 3 years older than me. How can she be so gormless?

I’m sure I’ve said this before, forget about your sister, she is never going to help.
Get some proper help sorted out instead.