Can anyone else relate?

Thank you everyone for your wisdom and advice. I had an email from someone who works for carer support and who is part of my son’s latest team. She sent a lot of information about how we would be kept updated about his treatment and release from hospital etc, which of course doesn’t apply to us. Don’t these people talk to each other?
I told her that Finn has refused to share information and she asked if we wanted his repatriation worker to ask him again, I said go ahead but I doubt he has changed his mind. She did and of course he still doesn’t want us to know anything.

I’ve told them not to contact us anymore. We are trying to get on with life and they keep calling us to give us worrying news with no details or context.

I feel uncaring and cold telling them that, but I have to look after my husband.

You are in my prayers.

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