Call from Local Authority regarding Funding for care: NHS

Hi all

I received a call today from a social worker regarding my brother’s care. I am his sole carer; he lives in his own home; is 38; has a care package paid for by LA.

The social worker, enquired about doing an assessment to determine whether the NHS should fund my brothers care because “it’s a big package” and her “manager told me to do this”.

I asked her to put into writing, and to copy said manager into mail - I informed her that I would have my solicitor and social worker friend look at it before I agree to anything.

Is this something to worry about? I have such bad experience with them, I feel like I have to be very vigilant and firm to make sure they don’t try any of the bullshit they have attempted on the past.

Any thoughts and considerations would be greatly appreciated.



in my experience, social care often push for continuing health care funding to part or wholly fund care packages for those with a large package - it means the cost comes out of the NHS money pot instead of the social care pot.

I would only be wary if they want to reassess his needs, as a means of cutting his support.

Have a look at the these links and see if you think he would be eligible, NHS continuing healthcare checklist - GOV.UK NHS continuing healthcare decision support tool - GOV.UK

I don’t mean to be alarmist, but if he doesn’t get awarded CHC then be aware the social worker’s manager may look to cut his package - be ready to defend it and prove his needs have not changed.


Hi Melly

First of all, thank you so much for taking time to respond.

He has recently had an assessment and his needs remain the same, if not more. I received a care plan and approved it, albeit reluctantly.

Just very cautious around these slippery fuckers - the fact that she even mentioned the size of his package is irrelevant, he needs care.

She did assured me in the phone that his package would not be cut at all, as did a support planner via email.

I’ll await her email I guess - just fills me with anxiety, so thanks for hearing me.

Actually, this is very good, the size of the package IS relevant, because there is a limit to what the council, ie. Social Services can provide.
Above that, everything is funded by the NHS and your brother will keep all his benefits, so be a lot better off.
You are very lucky to have this offered!!!

Received this today:


Further to our telephone discussion on 06/10/20 as you asked I am writing to seek your consent if I could complete a Continuing Healthcare Checklist for your brother (REDACTED)

CHC is a first stage of determining whether an individual is entitled to free service. After completing the CHC I will send it to CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) who will appoint an health assessor to carry their own assessment if your brother meets NHS funding criteria for his care due to his health care needs. People who have NHS funding do not have to pay contribution for their care.

Please note this is a procedure to establish if NHS or SS should fund the care and it will not affect your brother’s care package or direct payment arrangement.

A CHC was completed in 2014 by previous social worker but (REDACTED) did not meet the eligibility criteria. We will see if there is any further deterioration or change in his care needs since then to complete a new CHC.
Please can you advise if you agree so I could start the process and send you a consent form as soon as possible?

Thoughts, musings and considerations welcome.

I feel like I’m being, maybe a little too cautious, however, I’ve had such bad experience with them in the past I thought I’d get some support from fellow carers

Thanks a lot.


I don’t get on well with Social Services either.
However this does sound a good idea, nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Thanks a lot for the support