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Not sure when it is on, but I saw a trailer for a new drama called “Care” last night staring Sheridan Smith and Alison Stedman and co-written by Jimmy McGovern. The trailer kind of looked like my life a couple of years ago, so not sure if I will be able to watch it - lol! I tend to watch trash as an escape from the realities of it all.

But I feel excited that the issue is being tackled by such a great cast and I am hopeful that Jimmy McGovern won’t be one to shy away from the realities of the situation. His co-writer has been in this situation herself. Fingers crossed for some awareness rasing. In all the Brexit nonsense I feel that the plight of those caring and needing care has been utterly forgotten.

I saw the trailer too, and hope its a true representation and not all ‘drama-ed’ up. As we all know there enought angst and tragedy in fighting for care that they shouldnt have to dress it up too much.

It’s on in early-mid December I think

What’s the care set up in the drama? (I never like to follow links as I so seldom get back to where I started!!)

Is it ‘old folk’, ‘hubby/wife’, ‘kids’? Those tend, sigh, to be the top three, don’t they.

I wonder how ‘near the knuckle’ it will go??

(And I’m going to assume the author has first hand experience themselves?? Or at least, in their family??)

Find it so hard now, to watch anything to do with strokes and/ or dementia. I need distraction not reminders. It may seem cowardly or similar.Protecting myself I suppose.
I too hope it’s realistic to those who do watch.

Jimmy McGovern … along with Ken Loach … our two finest " Alternative view " writers we have ever produced.

Jimmy … Hillsborough and Bloody Sunday … both resulted in major climbdowns from the ( Then Governments ) from the official reports put out … in essence , justice , of sorts , was finally seen to be done … both following orchestrated cover ups of the worst kind.

Shame there wasn’t a third in that league … Aberfan … Jinmmy was only 17 then.

Orgreave ?

One for the future … once we know the facts.

Social care ?

Difficult for Jimmy … make it as real as WE know to be and face losing the majority of Joe / Josephine Public as they will see it as purely a political drama … someone with a axe to grind and done purely as a personal statement ?

I , Daniel Blake ( Ken Loach ) was as realistic as it gets … and yet ten odd minutes of publicity , but soon forgotten ?

Hardly anything posted anywhere on this forum would shock most readers … we tend nowadays to be accustomed to it ?

Still . I hope Jimmy finds the right " Balance " for ALL our sakes.

If done correctly , might … just might … have an influence on the forthcoming Green Paper.

Cathy Come Home had a major influence 52 years ago … leading to the birth of Shelter … perhaps the same for this one ?

Chris, can you do a simple English translation for this simple Southerner please? Didn’t understand a word :unsure: j

Mmmm … not a regular view of Jimmy / Ken television dramas over the years ?

Perceptions … social care … as we see it … or as the uninformed general public believe it to be ?

Good example of that is the comments section following any artice on social care published by the Daily Mail ?

Same can be said for all dramas listed … some demonstate the difference between the official line previously fed , and what actually happened in the real world … two more sinister than others as they were cover ups of the worst kind ?

We see I , Daniel Blake as a realistic representation of what’s happening across the UK with the rollout of UC … somewhat different to the line being fed by the Government ?

… and , of course , there is that little matter of the Green Paper on Social Care shortly …

Or , In Professor Peter Bereford’s words … Red Herring Paper ?

You don’t need to leave where you started from at all.

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Sheridan Smith (The Moorside, Cilla), Alison Steadman (Hold The Sunset, Gavin & Stacey) and Sinead Keenan (Little Boy Blue, Being Human) will star in Care, a new drama written by Jimmy McGovern (Broken, The Accused, The Street) and Gillian Juckes, whose real life experiences formed the inspiration for the story.

The 90-minute drama will be produced by LA Productions for BBC One.

Sheridan Smith is Jenny, a mother-of-two raising her girls alone after the departure of her husband Dave. Her one lifeline is Mary (Steadman), Jenny’s widowed mother, whose help with childcare allows Jenny to hold down her full-time job at the supermarket. When Mary suffers a devastating stroke and develops dementia, Jenny’s world comes crashing down and everything changes for her and her sister Claire (Keenan). Finding herself torn between her own life and the wellbeing of her mother, Jenny soon discovers that another way could be possible - but she’ll have to fight for it.
Jimmy McGovern says: “A great cast, a wonderful director and a superb co-writer! I’m really looking forward to making this.”

Gillian Juckes says: “It has been a great experience working with Jimmy and a wonderful opportunity to write about a subject very close to my heart.”

Piers Wenger, Controller of BBC Drama, says: “It’s always an honour to work with Jimmy McGovern, here joining forces with Gillian Juckes on her first script for a television drama. Together they tell a truly remarkable story of one woman’s battle to get the best care for her mother. The cast, led by the wonderful Sheridan Smith, will portray this poignant story with the warmth and gravitas it deserves.”
Colin McKeown, Executive Producer for LA Productions, says: "It is great to be working with three fantastic female actors, all with a huge association to Liverpool - Sheridan Smith (Cilla), Sinead Keenan (Little Boy Blue) and Alison Steadman, who is Liverpool born and bred.”

Care (1x90’) will be made by LA Productions for BBC One and was commissioned by Piers Wenger, Controller of BBC Drama, and Charlotte Moore, BBC Director of Content. It will be directed by David Blair (Away, Reg) and will be produced by Colin McKeown and Donna Molloy (Broken, Moving On). Executive Producers are Colin McKeown and Jimmy McGovern for LA Productions and Lucy Richer for the BBC. Filming will begin shortly in and around Liverpool.

Looks promising … I hope it delivers ?

And , for the legions without a tv ( Me for one ) and / or tv licence , posted on You Tube shortly thereafter … independent of the Beeb !

I saw this being trailered (!). Looking forward to seeing it.

Ajay, I don’t use a mouse, but the touchpad. Plus I’m a technical idiot!! (It’s official!)…:slight_smile:

Re the blurb - hmm, what is the ‘other way’ I wonder??? Nursing home or what?

Sheridan Smith was brilliant as Cilla I remember! SO like the real one! Brilliant when she was belting out Anyone Who Had a Heart in the recording booth!

I am very much with you Pet, not cowardly at all. I haven’t quite decided whether I’ll watch myself yet. xxx

Hey, here’s hoping Chris! I hope with all my being that it is done well. The trailer featured at least 3 lines I had found myself uttering myself in the past couple of years… which makes me hopeful…

This is what worries me… i really hope this isn’t some glossy for TV ending that nicely ties up the ending in a way that doesn’t happen in real life…

Not if jimmy has his way … I , Daniel Blake …only logical ending ?

Some would say dramatic … I disagree.

It’s going to be on Sunday 9th December , not sure what time

Reminder … 9 pm THIS evening … BBC.

Hopefully , will be posted on You Tube ( Independent of the Beeb ) by tomorrow morning allowing
the legions out there without a tv to watch it.

The trailer I saw, mum in hospital, daughter worried sick, hospital wanting bed back, mirrored my situation well, in fact too well. I don’t want to be reminded of what I went through four year ago.

Just watched it.
I have no experience of stroke so can’t comment on that side of it, but can see it would be harrowing viewing for anyone who has

The care side was more accurately portrayed than I thought it would be, but the end was a bit too glib

Some sterling performances and I hope it brings at least some of the struggles to more peoples minds

The only bit I disagreed with was the single mum of 2 primary school age daughters giving up her job on the basis "I’ll get a caring allowance " as though she could live off that. Also there was no mention of paid Carers or a home care package
But how much could they fit into 90 minutes?

Reviews ?

A few around … as expected this morning … mainly concentrated on the acting as opposed to " The Message. "

Not I , Daniel Blake … so far … let’s see by the end of this week.

Perhaps we were expected a little too much … or little ?