Advice needed carers 2nd job

I’ve just been told one of my son’s carers had started a new job as a covid19 tester.
Is this allowed? I’m not at all happy and think she’s putting him at risk. What are the rules for testers?

Even if the carer has this new job. It’s your decision as a family if you feel unhappy. To ask for another carer until they stop doing the testing.

You have right to protect your family as you see fit.

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However, you may find this of interest

…The Ideal Candidate
We seek applicants with the following:

Experience working with members of the public/patients
Excellent interpersonal skills and a supportive nature
Ability to physically stand for several hours with good mobility (for reaching into vehicles)
Willingness to work outside
Commitment to the work and adhere to the strict guidelines and procedures required
Native or bilingual proficiency level English
Experience working in a medical, clinical or health environment is desirable.
You must be over 18 and in general good health with no symptoms of COVID-19, nor must anyone in your household.

You must not be classified, or live with anyone classified, as belonging to any of the COVID-19 high risk groups (more detail can be found on the government website):

Must not have a long-term condition
Must not be pregnant
Must not have immune deficiencies through medical conditions or therapy
Must not be aged over 70
Training and full personal protective equipment will be provided.

Contextual Information

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I would definitely feel uncomfortable about this if it was my child.

The problem is she works as a PA under my son’s social care package so my understanding is she can be asked to stay home but she would be paid and therefore leave a gap in provision.

I dont think that should be allowed, its too dangerous because the people that need care are more vulnerable to infections and diseases, and to the virus, Its too dangerous.