ADASS "Time to Act" report

I came upon this report today on Facebook, from the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services or similar. At last, recognition that for some carers work is impossible, and they should have lots of support. Too late for me I’m afraid.

Please can someone from CUK load it up with their official response?

Hi BB - I saw something about this too. Apparently the new President of ADASS is a carer. I’m feeling very cynical today, to be honest. Been a tough one, so it’s probably best I look at it later when I’m feeling better.


I know what you mean Charles. I’m having a massive paper cull today, I saw this briefly, normally I’d print it off but just didn’t need any more stress. I went to M’s flat yesterday so that the blinds surveyor could measure up,and everywhere I looked there seemed to be issues. I’ve had enough for the moment of endless problems. Staff deciding to put a new flower bed in under a hedge with 2 years growth on it, a garden bag that is rammed full because no one puts it out for collection every fortnight, etc. etc. I’ll print this off once the cull is finished!!

Thinking of you BB. I am feeling a lot stronger today so - here you go :people_hugging: :people_hugging: :people_hugging:

For anyone interested, here is the link to the report in pdf

Hope it helps.

Final conclusion makes interesting reading:

We know where we want to get to. Now
is the time to act; for everyone to take
responsibility for those actions within their
spheres of influence and make progress. By
doing this we can offer hope to all of us who
draw on care and support and to our families
and wider communities.

Thanks Chris. Of course there is an immediate solution for carers who can’t work. They coul all do it tomorrow if they wanted. Allow family carers to be paid Direct Payments in accordance with the Care Act!!

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Yes indeed BB. It would be a wonderful help to so many, but I fear it is a dream which will not materialise. The conclusions are very interesting though…

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