6 days notice

So my mum has MS needs 2 carers 4 times a day and has complex care needs and can’t do much for herself. On Thursday night on the tea visit a carer told my mum that there going to have to drop my mums package of care and from Wednesday 24th November there going to stop coming and she needs to find someone else. My mum has been with this care company 8 years. Can they do this do we have any rights here as they have given us 6 days, actually less as its the weekend to find a care company that would be able to take on this big package of care and to start Thursday morning

Social Services need to sort this out. Even if mum is privately funding, she is still a vulnerable adult who they must help, so that she gets the care she needs. They should have an Emergency Team to cover this.

Because she receives direct payment social services are saying its up to my mum (who can’t use her hands to ring anybody) to find another care company they said they don’t get involved


That’s not good enough!

The LA should still have a broker who can find another agency.

If your Mum is without care then it’s a safeguarding matter as she is vulnerable and reliant on care.


Go to the LA’s website, search for Adult Services Complaints, and make a complaint there, this goes to Head Office, not the useless local team! Tell them that if they can’t find anyone, mum will need emergency respite.

It’s all just a mess but I’m gonna do what you have suggested and go to the local authority. 6 days notice is abysmal in my opinion I though it was 2 weeks notice at least but they told us Thursday evening when it was too late to even ring around companies