What is Care in the Community – in reality?

When people have cancer, we usually hand them into the care of Oncologists. If someone has a problem with their heart – we hand them into the care of Cardiologists. There’s usually an army of nurses to support these specialists and by doing this we hope to give the sick the best care possible. They receive expert care and we are all grateful when we survive such lethal diseases ourselves, thanks to their skills. The same cannot be said in cases of mental health, with issues such as Schizophrenia or Dementia.

When people get sick in their heads – we hand them over to a team of “care support workers.” These are overseen by care managers and social workers, who in turn consult Psychiatrists and Psychologist to tap their skills. These Psychiatrists are not experts in the way an Oncologist or a Cardiologist is an expert. They rely on opinion, experience and most crucially – on the verbiage, opinions and feelings of the patient when formulating their diagnosis. Highly paid – the Psychiatrist spends a brief hour or so with the patient – perhaps prescribing a pill at the end, then they move on to the next client. The bulk of their skill lies in covering for any decision they make that could haunt them later – if the patient causes harm.

The bulk of the “care” in the Care in the Community mandate – is carried out by the Police, taxi firms, shopkeepers and the public at large; all of whom are ill-equipped and untrained in how to help a mentally ill person. Of course, there are “good” Psychiatrists among the run of the mill ones, but the system directs itself into not making the most of these “better” physicians. And the whole process of arriving at a diagnosis is so “unscientific” - it may as well be Witchcraft they are practicing. Good motives to get the diagnosis right - are also stifled by cost concerns. It’s primitive because it’s cheaper that way.

When people get sick – they go to hospital; it’s been like that for hundreds of years. Today, in the “modern way” – when people get sick in their minds – the whole unsuspecting “community” has to put up with their lives being disrupted by abnormal behaviour from people they don’t know. They are forced to “care” by the State – who has been advised by Progressive-types who think they should experiment on society without permission; you and me are their guinea pigs in their experiments.

Yes - it all sounds so loving, forcing joe-public to “care” for some old OAP who has lost their mind. But from an objective standpoint – it’s despicable and uncivilized. The Police should be chasing after criminals, not Mums and Dads who have forgotten who they are and where they live. Taxi firms should not have to waste journeys, granted they may be paid, shuttling Schizophrenics who are following their hallucinations, on wild goose chases. Superstores should not be required to explain to the mentally impaired that they cannot use their Club Cards to buy groceries. And neighbour should not be subjected to bizarre behaviour – such as standing under a tree, in the rain for hours, waiting for an imaginary friend to come and pick the ill person up.

Care in the Community – may work on paper and perhaps it’s better than caging people up in homes – like beasts waiting for their inevitable demise. But if it’s sickness were are treating, then there should be places where the sick must go to be healed. Having the public “look after” their own without the necessary skills to do so – is really the State abdicating its responsibilities to keep all of us safe and a waste of resources.

Care in Community only benefits those earning healthy wage packets prescribing pills and keeps the army of social workers and carers employed. The patient is just a resource, a commodity to feed off financially for the few running the system.

My experience to date of community based psychotherapy leaves much to be desired. However, to suggest that psychiatrists are not highly trained specialists is ,I think, doing them a great disservice. I’ve met highly trained oncologists but in my specific case they offered no treatment options, leaving carers and hospice for community care.

Care in the Community?
As a care, it’s care until you drop, and then when you say you can’t do it any more they ignore you and try to bully you to care some more.

I’m simply commenting on my experience. There was a “prescriber” who was very acceptable and knowledgeable. But that’s because he was a local-UK-born specialist. In my experience - the ones from the EU and from Middle East - are horrid Psychiatrists. It could be a cultural thing - but they seem to lack manners. They also lack understanding of how the UK operates - as in the Brits are a stickler for law and rules. These imported Psychiatrists don’t seem to care for rules - or at least - they don’t seem to be interested in the “details” of how they should be treating the patient. They lack common sense.

I know the feeling. They just look at you as some fool - who’s got some martyrdom complex. The patient is obviously needing more meds, more social stimulation, more than you as a carer can provide. But they expect you to be both front-line Psychiatric nurse, baby sitter and taxi. And they pretend they are able to provide great service - as if we don’t know they are overworked and have become emotionally fatigued.

Yes, fair point. But at no point will the Oncologist rely on the Police, Taxi firms or Shops and joe-public to assist him in providing “Care” for the patient.

care in the community or as I always say don’t care in the community.

Unfortunatly living in a place with multiple elderly/disabled I see everything I would say the good bits but there aren’t any, but all the bad bits.

There have just been so many services cut for the elderly/disabled, I always say to anyone who listens but maybe not understands, you and I can just jump in the car, go to the shops, wonder around with the trolley, pay for it pack it take it home and cook it.
My carees have no car, can’t push a trolley around, can’t reach stuff on the shelfs anyway can’t pack it can’t cook it.
Just so many services have been cut leaving the elderly strugglying, support workers from charitys funding cut so workers cut, warden went years ago, disabled transport gone.
Heavily relying on neighbours to help, they don’t want to pride and all that but no choice.
So many people have lost their jobs had to move elsewhere for a job, been working for charity 20 years, funding cut no job anymore, the staff and clients suffer.
And who replaces these people, you are supposed to go on the internet or just pay for the service that previously was provided for free.
Its so unfair, theres just so little help available now.

My mam just threatened to kill me this afternoon. I called the Police to report it; but seeing it’s one of her altered-personas speaking - they can’t really act on the threat. So - as her carer I feel a bit in danger, not from the woman who gave birth to me - but to the diseased lady with the same name.

Victor, what a load of rubbish.

Whichever mum it is threatening you with a knife, there’s only one of you, and YOUR BODY need protecting from the one body that is threatening your life!