What happens if i want to stop being their carer?

I am full time carer to my wife. I am getting to the end of my tether with being a full time carer and am thinking of saying enough is enough and going back to work.
I dont know what will happen or who will care for my wife but i am just about done with being used as a slave and punching bag. I have even considered just walking away with just the clothes on my back.

Hi Nikki,

No one can be forced to be a carer. Clearly you need help to decide what to do next. I would suggest talking things through with a counsellor, aimed at looking at the options together, and coming up with a plan. I’m an incredibly resourceful person, I was shipping steam engines round the world when I was just 23, but everyone has their own breaking point. I had too many carees when I was newly widowed and newly disabled.

Hi Nikki,
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There is information here Practical support | Carers UK on getting practical support, which would enable you to go back to work. Look at Carer’s assessments and Needs Assessment sections.