__how can we cope with care when every one thinks we are burden

Hi Andrew … welcome to the canteen.

Been that way ever since I became a carer … back in the autumn of 1997.

When meeting fellow carers , they said the same since they became carer themselves.

And that takes the clock back to the early 1970s … prior to the word CARER reaching the statute book …
and Invalid Care Allowance.

Imagine … or best not to … what caring was like prior to that ?

Some out there might cite the Care Act , 2014.

In reality , it might have as well stayed a pipedream for all the REAL good it has done for us.

Fast forward to 2019 … what’s the problem , Andrew ?

__running out of money everymonth

Join half the carer army with that … 3.9 MILLION … and that unholy trinity … EAT / HEAT / ROOF.

Caring in 2019 … half the carer army below / at / close to the Official Poverty Line.

The price to care … for low millions !

Have you met our Lord Kitch ? … he spells it out perfectly :