Top up funding

Hi All
Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of what would happen if I could no longer pay the top up fees to the care home? It is a considerable amount over and above the paltry amount the local council pay but my savings won’t last that long I.e 16 months then I wouldn’t have a penny left. My absolute fear is that social
Services would say it was tough and she would have to move to a cheaper one, she will be 91 with moderate dementia.
I am so worried any help would be appreciated

Why did you start paying a top up??
Were you asked by Social Services? That would be unlawful.
Tell us exactly what happened.
Any financial assessment should focus entirely on your mum’s finances.

Hi, I haven’t started paying anything yet, they have said if she goes into the home of my choice I would need to pay the top up directly to the care home. She only has about £10k so it’s down to me but I only have a certain amount available to do this with.

Did they offer a cheaper home with a vacancy that was within the council’s price range, near you?