Spotlight on some useful tools to help with caring

Hello, I’m Jane – thank you so much for visiting the forum and welcome! I’d just like to highlight some helpful tools:

Our local directory, where you can look up carer organisations and support groups in your area: Support where you live | Carers UK

Ask Sara – this is a tool that enables you to receive a report based on your answers about your caring responsibilities. Then it generates recommendations of products and equipment that could help, such as medication sorters or adapted kitchenware. Take a look here:

There’s a benefits calculator you could try if you would like to get an idea of what you could be entitled to: Benefits calculator | Carers UK

MyBackUp – this is a tool that asks you a series of questions and then sends you a list of recommendations of what to include in your own personalised contingency plan: MyBackUp

Any questions or comments are always welcome. :slight_smile: