My name is Helen and I look after my husband who has muscular dystrophy.
I would love to connect with other carers in similar situation.

Helen :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi there Helen

Great to see you on our forum, I am sure other carers will be in contact with you soon. In the meantime I wanted to highlight some of the options for connecting with fellow carers and for getting support from Carers UK should you need it.

Carers UK are running online weekly meet ups for carers to take some time for themselves and chat to other carers. Feel free to join if you’d like to and there’s no pressure to share anything you don’t want to. I’m sure you’ll find others in a similar position to yourself.

You can find information on how to register to our online meetups at the following pages:

Care for a Cuppa: … ne-meetups - This social is a great way to have a little break if you are able to and spend some quality time talking to people who understand what you are going through right now.

Share and Learn: … e-sessions - these sessions range from creative writing activities to beginners Latin dance sessions.

There is also Carers UK’s helpline should you need advice or support - Our Telephone Helpline is available on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or you can contact us by email (

with all good wishes

Hi Helen,

Welcome to the forum. Are you getting enough help with your caring role?

Welcome aboard. Happy to help.

Hi Helen.

I’m new here too. I care for my husband who has MS.

Happy to chat.


Hi Helen

I care for my partner who has Beckers Muscular Dystrophy I would be happy to have a chat x