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She currently receives housing benefits to pay rent on her current property. Having read up on it, it’ll stop from the date she has moved from her home to the nursing home. I’m willing to pay for any additional rent, if necessary, whilst I get the house cleared out, so shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:
I do feel pretty proud of everything- particularly due to the rapid progression of the disease and how we’ve been able to handle the obstacles it has presented at every turn. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done and it’ll mean that nothing will ever seem so hard in the future (I hope!)
Thank you so much for always providing such brilliant advice- as you say, I’m sure I’ll be needing it again at some point in the future!

Just checked, Housing Benefit should still be available for the first 13 weeks after she moves into a home.

I googled “Housing Benefit Residential Care”. Double check for yourself. It would take a bit of pressure off you.

Hi Chris,

Already up to speed on the ending tenancy stuff :smiley: I’m terrible (or brilliant, depending on how you look at it!) for extreme advance planning of stuff like this! I have a list of all the utilities and everything else that needs sorting- got in touch with everyone last week to confirm if I would be accepted to end/close accounts and how to go about doing it. They’ve all agreed and informed me how they’d like me to go about it all. I’ve even sourced a house clearance company that will not charge if they can make back their costs on the items they take from the property. This side of things is going really well.

The ‘bad’ things have been relatives doing nothing to help and the current care company being absolutely incompetent (management have no organisational skills and most of the carers lack training and/or the capability to do their jobs properly).

CHC have actually been incredible (I’m sure that this is down to our palliative care team being so ‘on the ball’, as we never even mentioned CHC before we’d had a letter through, saying it had been approved a good 2 months ago). CHC have been funding the current care agency (though, not for long, due to the care agency’s failings) and they responded within 24 hours to the palliative care team’s request for a move into nursing care last week- I think we’re the only people not having issues with CHC funding, as we’ve never even had to ‘fight our corner’ regarding fees for anything care-related. I do believe the nursing home charges small fees for things like hairdressing, but this is to be expected and we’re more than happy to pay for it.

That’s brilliant- more than covers the 4 weeks’ notice period, thankfully. Very grateful to you for sourcing this information! :slight_smile:

Thanks Chrissie.

Now 6-4 joint favourites and , 12-1 bar the field.

A link if you need it :

What should Continuing Healthcare funding cover? - Care to be Different


**_If you qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare, watch out for these 3 myths:

…You’ve been through the NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment process.

…You’ve battled every step of the way.

…And now you’ve finally succeeded in securing the funding.

But what should Continuing Healthcare funding cover?

Here are 3 things you may be wrongly told at this point:

  1. The local authority will still have to means test you for your social care needs.
  2. Continuing Healthcare will only pay up to a certain amount for your healthcare needs.
  3. Your family will have to pay the difference fees between what the NHS will pay and what the care provider charges._**

Thank you :smiley:

Your welcome.

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I trust your " On " at 2-1 … and not 6-4 ???

Just a reminder … hairdresser costs ?

Page 46, paragraph 167:

“Where a person qualifies for NHS continuing healthcare, the package to be provided is that which the CCG assesses is appropriate to meet ALL of the individual’s assessed health > AND associated social care needs> .”

Social care … combing / washing a resident’s hair is covered ( Isn’t it ? ) … cutting / colouring / giving the rug a spin isn’t ?

Down to the care home to split hairs over who pays what for anyone of that lot ???

( If same patient was in hospital , ALL the above would be free … one doesn’t get a bill for social care on discharge ! )

All food for thought … especally with a certain GREEN PAPER waiting in the wings ?

( Better exit stage left … while I still can ? )

Hi Chris,

Hmm definitely food for thought! having said that, I know it’s down to the ‘principle of the thing’, but I feel like money is the only thing that we’re not struggling with (ironic, considering it’s the one thing we did struggle with when I was a child!) I’d pay through the roof for a decent hairdresser for her if it meant seeing a smile on her face at the end (sounds ridiculous, but it’s true!)

Yep … food for thought … if only many had food spare for that as well ?
( Perhaps another reason why some men " Prefer " to be bald … the price of a quick spit and polish when compared
with the barbers … around £ 6 the norm 'Ere in Worksop … £ 15+ in the major cities ? )

Let us know how things go … always be that little something that doesn’t feel right ?

Social care … what really is that when it’s at home ?

And , who pays for what exactly within that definition … said definition being yours / CHC / care home ???