Irritable bladder/over active bladder

I have had an irritable bladder for years, doctors not been much help, the tablets to calm down my bladder i can’t have as clash with other tablets.

Are there any simple methods to resolve it , very difficult, constant urge to go , trying to cut out fizzy drinks and tea/coffee as been told it makes bladder worse.

When I was about 40, for various reasons I started going to the gym. There was a piece of equipment where you sat on a seat and then squeezed two pads together using your thighs and knees. I soon realised that I could do much longer car journeys without needing the loo so much. I’ve seen things on ebay that look like Hula Hoops, with pads on, which work in a similar way. No idea what they are called though.


What is your diet like?

I have a wheat allergy and if I eat a lot of things like cakes I get a bloated tummy which does cause me to need the loo more often.

Also have you tried bladder training where you leave it an extra 15 mins when you need the loo ,

I do think stress makes things worse too.

But that’s hard to escape as a carer until it,

Bowlingbun i think you are talking about doing pelvic floor exercises help with bladder problems.

I’m a man so i don’t think that works with men, could be prostrate but i am only 48.

I have fibromyalgia which cause the bladder issues as well as pain, sleep problems.

I am very run down at the moment bladder infection or cystisis?

I have been trying to be healthy so eating shredded wheat instead of sugary cereal, cold drinks e.g milk make things worse.

So not good really having cereals.

I notice it worse in the winters, cold does affect the bladder.

I was taught about bladder training, i did try but not much better.

And yes avoid stress, and a carer very difficult.

So i don’t know, just been worse the last couple of weeks.


The NHS are supposed to be more active about preventing ill health and due to my long term illness’s i have an NHS care Co Ordinator, and get lots of checks, a lot more than usual every year.
As Mrs Browns says about grandad about checks, the doctor wants your underpants.

But i have had bladder issues for years and years, i have had regular prostrate checks, i think they can do blood tests now for the PSA level?

Diabetes, one of my carees has diabetes 2, so we regularly check my blood sugar levels, mine are excellent, my blood pressure is low and that’s amazing the doc said, but i don’t drink and smoke so that helps.

I am very run down, that doesn’t help but the doctor says caring is nothing to do with him so thats helpful.

There should be priority for unpaid carers health but no one seems to care.

I don’t go to the gym but help a neighbour walk their dog so that helps me keep fit.