Hi all, thanks for accepting me.
I am claiming carers allowance with adult dependency award attached for caring for my wife.
I/we are due to receive an inheritance of approx £25k.
I know our esa will be stopped and we will have to pay rent, council tax etc etc.
Will the carers allowance be stopped also, tried to find this info online with no success
Regards Graham

Hi Graham.

NO … CA is NOT means tested … even a millionaire could claim it.

If your wife is receiving Attendance Allowance / PIP / DLA , then … whichever one will , also , NOT be affected.

Has anyone mentioned to you that it is possible to vary a will for 18 months afterwards. Maybe talk to the solicitor involved, unless it’s too late.

Hi, what difference can it make if I speak to the solicitor
Cheers Graham

He can change the will retrospectively, maybe via a discretionary trust or similar.

Okay, cheers for that

Cheers for that much appreciated

Your welcome.