Experience with new care-home finding system: Lottie

I just read about this. I wondered if anyone has experience with Lottie https://lottie.org/ , before I send the info onto friends


@Victoria_1806 It’s similar in style to one I used to use sometimes at work - that one’s long gone. It seems ok though.


I haven’t used Lottie and, as I am in the NW, the homepage with residential homes based in London and the South would probably put me off.

When I was looking for respite care, I used https://www.carehome.co.uk/ with good results. After leaving a review, I had a callback from carehome to check it was my genuine review. I assume they do random spot checks and don’t survey everyone but it was reassuring all the same.

Thanks @Latreia_18071! Good to know