Hello…my mum who has advanced dementia and other health problems has been denied CHC funding however the DTS was done a week before the DoLS was placed on her meaning she can’t leave the care home she was placed in after a hospital stay. She is a danger to herself and to others. The DoLS won’t br reviewed for a year as she will only get worse. As she is under house arrest so to speak and I can’t take her home to care for her she has no choice but to remain in the care home surely the LA should be funding her in the care home? I am very confused as there are many different section numbers but she was sectioned by a section 12 doctor and it’s a long term section. Has anyone had any experience of this please? Thank you

HI Paula,

If she is still sectioned then she shouldn’t be paying for her care - the state should be funding her care. When her section ends and she is on section 117 after care - her medical care should be free too.

However, the state can try some sneaky things to try and wriggle out of paying, so it’s worth reading up on it and seeking advice;

This is not my area of expertise, others should be along to advise.


Thanks Melly that is what I have thought but it’s not very clear . Not sure what us happening as I have only heard from the LA asking for a financial assessment which I have done to a point but they haven’t come back to me and it’s been a few weeks. If they come asking for money then I shall point the fact that she is sectioned and they should pay.

I think the critical words are “the care home SHE WAS PLACED IN…”

Have Social Services done a formal financial assessment?
Do you have Power of Attorney?
Have you been sent any bills yet?

Hi Bowlingbun, you are always full of good suggestions …I had a letter from the LA saying that my mum would be charged from 30th November and that she needed a financial assessment which I did but I didn’t supply all the requested evidence of her bank accounts so far they haven’t asked for them nor have they asked for any money. She has been denied CHC even though she scored a severe and three highs in her assessment, strangely enough the DoLS wasn’t put in place until 6 days after the MDT meeting took place even though I was told about a DoLS being applied for several weeks before the MDT…

CHC is very complex as you know. Appeal the outcome, and see if you can get one or more of the highs, to severe.
Also have you a letter from DoLs? Put that forward too.

Hi Pet66, yes I have the DoLS letter and I do think some of her needs have been down played…I am finding out just how difficult this is! Thank you x

Also ask for a copy of her actual care plan, that should have been exchanged between hospital and the care home when she was moved. That should outline in detail about her sections. Melly supplied you with a good link.

Query anything and everything if something worries you.

Hopefully you are being included on all meetings.


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