Direct Payments and Housing Situation

Can you be in shared accommodation or self contained flat or home and still apply for direct payments?

Do you have to be a homeowner? Be at the property for minimum of 6 months?

My son had DP’s living in privately rented accommodation. Is the LA telling you something different?


in a word - yes.



Just curious i dont think they even ask you, but can’t remember if it was on a application form i once filled out about proof of residency number of people in the household.

If you were visited by a social worker in shared accommodation wouldn’t they just decline you instantly for a service as other people are there to help you with your daily tasks?

We had a case on the forum where a wife didn’t want her husband discharged from hospital back to the home, he was really, really nasty!
So she said that she would not do ANYTHING for him, and care was provided.
No one can be forced to do anything for anyone else, not even a spouse.
A Needs Assessment is supposed to assess everything that person needs, WITHOUT assessing who else is around.
Sadly, not all SW’s realise this, or pretend they don’t know!

Care was provided? You mean a budget to hire a private carer?

I have a friend who is trying to apply for her father they asked her can he put food in a microwave rather than asked what help does he need. She felt intimidated by the SW like he can do everything for himself when he clearly cant.

In no way is that a proper Needs Assessment!
Have a look at the 2014 Care Act Regulations, Google will find them.
The council’s own website should also explain more about Needs Assessments. A council is allowed to determine if needs are critical, and prioritise those with high needs as opposed to the odd health issue.

I told her to put her fathers need in writing and to describe the help required like an examination like pip and esa applications e.g. steps to property, disability aids.