Dad in care home for 8 months and he cries and asks to come

I’m writing asking for some emotional support.
My dad has been in a care home for over 8 months and he cries so much when I visit and asks if I can take him home.
It is so distressing for him and heartbreaking for me… It is so so hard.
I just love him so much … it’s so cruel .
Thanks for listening x

Hi & welcome Antoinette

Sorry you Dad is so distressed. Did this situation happen from the off. Or has something happened. Can Dad say what he dislikes.

What health issues does Dad have to be in a care home.

Do you feel this particular care home is the right one.

Dad has dementia… he has been like this from he went in. The home is very good and staff are really caring… He just wants to be at home

Hello and welcome
Dementia is very cruel. My late husband had Vascular dementia and other health issues. Was in a nursing home. He had a time of wanting to be home, but didn’t know our address! I used to pacify and tell him the doctor needs to check his health before can discharge him. Tried not to take hope away from him, even though I knew he could never be at home.
Can you talk to an admiral nurse, or the Alzheimer’s society? They can be very supportive.

Given Dad’s dementia is he able to articulate what he most misses from home.

Has Dad always cried from the beginning. Because he may well associate your visit’s with being upset and crying. It’s trying to break that cycle.

This is no one’s fault as Dad obviously needs to be where he is.

Does Dad cry as soon as he’s seen you. Or just when you are leaving.