Coping mechanisms for those end of tether moments

I’ve had a truly dreadful few days one way and another and I am so strung out. I’m going doolally thanks to a combination of my mother and my wet lettuce of a sister.

How do you cope when you’ve got to the point of screaming ‘shut the eff up, stop whinging’. (Mum goes from one ailment to the next within about 10 minutes then starts again. Dr seems unwilling or unable to help). As I’ve posted elsewhere my ghost sister is utterly useless. Her idea of looking for clean underwear is opening one drawer and finding none on the top, decides there aren’t any and bends my ear about it. She, of course, is completely Incapable of doing a stitch of washing.

They are both driving me nuts. They both seem to forget I also have disabilities and I frequently struggle and I’m in a huge amount of pain, more so at the moment because I have a suspected broken nose when my 2 stone Maine Coon (adorable but like a chieftain tank with fur) landed heavily on my head during the night.

Are there any coping mechanisms I can poach to help me avoid going under?

HI Nikki,
it sounds like you have compassion fatigue and the only thing that can help with that is a break. A short break (of a few hours) will give temporary relief, but a longer break is what you really need.

I know how difficult this is to achieve, so it’s a case of balancing up the options.


I don’t think you should be trying to cope, but screaming HELP to get the support you need!
When did you last have a Carers Assessment from Social Services?
When did you last have a 2 week break?