Caring sprung on me


I’m here because my friend has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, he has no family who can support him so he is living with my husband and I for his end of life care.

I wasn’t ever expecting this so feel rather overwhelmed at the moment, but feeling grateful this site is here.

I’m afraid you may live to regret your decision.
There is so much to consider.

How much do you know about End of Life care?
I would suggest that you Google “Signs of Dying” to find out more, then have a proper discussion with your friend about his wishes.
Has he made a will?
Arranged Power of Attorney?
Sorted out his old home?
Are you prepared to provide intimate care in the final stages?

Did anyone discuss with him how long he is likely to have left, and what support the NHS could offer him?
Most importantly of all, is he aware of NHS Continuing Healthcare?
Is he in touch with his local hospice?

Don’t make any promises you can’t keep. Say he can stay with you until such time as he becomes incontinent, in serious pain, or whatever limit you are comfortable with.