Carers allowsnce

Can some one please help me, I receive Carers allowance for looking after my nephew, I am down as an irregular earner so If I received 550.06 gross I don’t pay tax I don’t pay national insurance I pay into a work pension 1.42 then that leaves 548.64.
So the question is what do I pay into my personal pension double From gross or double after net? I’m allowed to earn 520.00 thanks

Hi Sarah.

From the figures quoted … answers itself … £ 123 per week / £ 533 per month … w.e.f. today
before Carers Allowance drops off the cliff.

In this case . gross / net is the same ?

Irregular earner … averaged out by the DWP ?

Thank you Chris, the difference between the gross and net was 1.42 because that’s automatically goes into the work pension that’s in my deductions, but I have a problem with Carers as previously I have always gon by my net pay if it’s ovef by 20 I transfer 40 into personal account so I called them today and the person said I am only getting paid for 1 month out of the 3 as my wages were over and I told them I have paid into my pension an she stated I have to put in the gross not the net but av been paid previous months by doing it by the net pay so she looked and said yes u have been paid so she goi g to take it Bk to a deduction maker, I don’t know if it’s gross or net I have always been told it’s net