Care Homes ? Better Act Quick If One Is Needed , They're Running Out ... Fast!

**UK running out of care home places, says geriatrics society chief

Quality of care for older people set to fall and " Wheels could come off completely ", says Tahir Masud.**


**_The UK is running out of care home places and soon there will not be enough to look after the growing number of vulnerable older people needing specialist care, the president of the British Geriatrics Society has warned.

Prof Tahir Masud, fears that because so many care homes have collapsed in the past few years that the quality of those left will also decline as a result.

More than 100 care home operators collapsed in 2018, taking the total over five years to more than 400 and sparking warnings that patients in homes that close down could be left with nowhere to go but hospitals.
“I’m concerned that we will not be left with enough care homes,” said Masud. “Then where are all these vulnerable, older people going to go? At the moment, [the system is] just about hanging in and it’ll probably be OK for a year or two, but after that, the wheels could come off completely. Slowly, things are going to wind down. Quality will go down.”

Three out of five MPs say people in their constituencies are suffering because of cuts to social care, with three-quarters saying there is a crisis in care in England, according to a recent poll by the NHS Confederation, which leads Health for Care, a coalition of 15 organisations.

The number of people in the UK aged 85 or over is expected to more than double in the next 25 years. By 2040, nearly one in seven Britons will be over 75.

But the cost of care is rising far more quickly than the amount of money that local authorities pay for it, which in some cases is being cut and in many others not rising at all. Research from the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services has shown that councils had £700m of social care cuts planned in 2018-19, despite growing demand.

Already facing crippling debts from before the financial crisis, UK care home firms are collapsing under the pressures. Major operators to suffer financial difficulty include Four Seasons Health Care, which has been put up for sale after rescue talks failed, seven years on from the high-profile collapse of Southern Cross.

Martin Green, the chief executive of the social care trade body Care England, has called for for the government to put more money into social care to avoid a shortage of beds in a sector that provides care and accommodation for more than 410,000 residents.

The future of funding for the sector is due to be laid out this year in a much-delayed government green paper intended to address a £3.5bn shortfall expected by 2025.

“The worry is that many homes will close,” said Masud, a consultant physician at Nottingham university hospitals NHS trust and an honorary professor at the University of Nottingham. “If it’s the cheaper ones that close, then only those who can afford the expensive ones will be able to find a place and what will happen to everyone else?

“If, however, it’s the more expensive homes that close because people can’t afford it and only the cheap ones are left, then those homes won’t be able to provide quality of care with the money they’re charging.”

Masud blamed the uncertainty caused by the delays to the green paper. “Until we get the green paper, funding is just so uncertain. We desperately need the government to get its act together. We need this green paper and we need to have a proper debate that the public should have a say in about how we fund social care going forward,” he said.

Masud said that decisions made over employment in a post-Brexit Britain were key to whether the care home system survived. Pointing out that few, if any, care home workers earned above the necessary £30,000 immigrant salary threshold, he said: “If care homes can’t afford to bring in good people from outside the UK prepared to work for lower wages and as few people inside the UK want to take the jobs instead, as is the case now, then care homes will be forced to employ people they might have concerns about. The risk then is of abuse and very low quality of care.

Masud said many care homes were good, but he added: “If I was poor, I would be very concerned now about the quality of care my loved one would receive if they went into the only homes I could afford.

“If I had some assets, I would be less concerned about quality but I would be concerned about my inheritance.”

Masud also said he was angry about the lack of government planning for the substantial increase in older people who will need the NHS in the near future.

“The number of those aged over 85 is going to rise exponentially in the coming years and politicians have not understood that,” he said. “The consequence is demand of frail older people in our hospitals is going to go up very significantly, and if you don’t plan, there’s going to be trouble in terms of resources and of staff.

“As a country, we just don’t plan for 10 years ahead,” he added. “It potentially could lead to serious issues around quality of care we can provide for older people.”

Masud said the lack of geriatrics doctors was a key concern. “To prevent older people going into hospital, we need more geriatric doctors to go out into the community,” he said. “But there are already barely enough of them in the areas they’re also acutely needed: in the hospitals. We’re just not training enough.”

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: “We have given local authorities access to up to £3.9bn more dedicated funding for adult social care this year, and a further £410m is available for adults and children’s services.”_**

More grim news Chris! Did the geriatrics society professor offer up any possibile solutions? Time to start saving up lots of ££££££££££ or hope one dies before one needs any care. Or wait for the green paper,…

I can recall exam questions on … AN AGEING POPULATION ? DISCUSS … back in 1960s.

Enough in the main thread … SOCIAL CARE : GREEN … OR RED HERRING … PAPER … charting the history
behind this issue.

Suffice to say , for more than 50 years :

Perfect analogy … high voltage = social care ?

Your guess is as good as mine.

As for a solution … or perhaps , THE ONLY SOLUTION … that main thread :

As the unofficial dj on the forum , I will NOT play that broken record again !!!

If you’re neither a caree, nor carer, nor in the business you just adopt the ostrich pose. Job done!

Or, the powers that be have their nose in the air, and try to make the carer feel they are poor and begging.
The last assessor for hubby had that look with me. Snobby ###!

In the last few years I have decided that doctors etc have not done the population any favours in extending our lives beyond,
‘Three score years and ten.’

If we only lived to around that age there would be no care home crisis, no bed blocking in hospitals,
no trolleys lined up in hospital corridors etc. A great deal less suffering by carees and carers.
IF this applied to the world then over population will not occur and clobal warming would
not became the problem it is going to be.

Of course, I would have been long gone by now and you lot would never had to read
my pearls of wisdom. :laughing:

Loved your posting Albert!

I hope that you realise, Rosemary, that this forum would probably not exist if we all only lived to
75 ish and you would never have had the pleasure in loving my posting ! :laughing: :laughing:

I would never had reason to use this forum because mum wouldn’t have lived till she was 95!! :laughing:

I appreciate this isn’t a joking matter:

But if anyone is in desperate need of a Nursing Home which is half empty. Where the owner visits you at 10 o’clock demanding money, phones 30 times a week and constantly threatens you with legal action for not paying 10 months in advance.

I can recommend somewhere.

I remember classes at school talking about population statistics, and again when I did my degree. This week, watching the D day related programmes, just imagine how much worse the cuŕent situation would be if so many men had not been killed in the war, many too young to have started a family? I can remember elderly spinsters whose loved one had died in the war. All very sad.

Councils used to own and run their own Homes. We looked at one for FIL some 15 years ago. But then the council’s found they were too expensive and sold them off or shut them down and thats when they started to depend on the private sector to provide. BUT of course the private sector wants profits as well as costs covering.
As we all know councils don’t pay the private homes a decent rate so of course it’s all imploding.

I know when we looked for FIL it was a 2 tier system. The Council homes were basic and large, the private homes were better quality and smaller and it all depended on what you could afford. Now with councils paying below cost of course private homes will either start to refuse council funded places or go under.

IMHO Councils should have kept their own homes so there were at least some places guaranteed for the most needy.

In the future I can’t see that there will be any choice at all unless you pay full high fees. Councils are looking to technology to keep people isolated and trapped in their own homes, falls sensors, cctv, etc. The only option is to move elderly near to family for family to be unpaid carers, whether or not the family or the person wants it.

Our burden is only going to increase. I’m about to lose my final parent and I will be the generation that doesnt have choice, and neither will my only son. I am making my wishes very clear indeed, and just hoping they will be legal by then.
It’s grim indeed

Yep … one does not need a crystal ball to see where all this is heading.

And , for us , another few hundreds of thousands colleagues … if not low millions … within the next 5 years.

Lack of funds / care worker shortages … add on below the poverty line wages for those able to juggle work
with caring ( £ 123 weekly limit ).

As if the Government were taking advantage of that existing £ 140 odd BILLION.

Perhaps their target is closer to £ 150 BILLION by 2015 ?

The worst bit ?