Your Opportunity to tell Boris Johnson your priorities

Tell him to increase carers allowance to match Scotland.


Think of children here without food in their bellies and clean beds to sleep in Boris Johnson – Jayne Dowle/

I would tell him that CARING IS WORK whoever does it. That we are currently 21st century slaves, not sick pay, no holiday pay, no right to any time off. If you are a child, a student, a pensioner, you get NOTHING!

I’ve taken the chance to push my one woman campaigne of adult children carers under 60 potentially loosing their family home.

I trust that also includes carers at risk through SUCCESSION … those in social housing ?

I’m campaigning on single issue so hopefully someone else will pick that aspect up

Yep … a combined issue … move caree into a care home , both carers could lose out … those in either owner
occupied properties or social housing … an issue that the Green Paper thread addresses in no uncertain terms.

I’ve sent though several priorities. It’s not limited to choosing one.