Your experiences of Virtual Wards

Hello everyone

We are looking at good practice to help develop the policy and delivery of Virtual Wards in England and would like to hear if you have any personal experience of Virtual Wards or “hospital at home” as it is sometimes called.

Virtual Wards are an alternative to being in hospital and help patients to manage their health and care at home. They tend to be shorter term care, and not longer term covered by NHS Continuing Healthcare. The outcomes for patients have been measured as being much more positive and better. What are your experiences as a carer? We think there could be benefits for carers if people are cared for at home. However, if not done well, they could pose potential risks for unpaid carers – as they may be expected to pick up even more caring responsibilities, without being identified, or being supported for their own needs as carers.

We’d like to hear from you if you’ve experienced Virtual Wards. Email so that we can talk to you in more detail.

If you are happy to share an overview of what you thought was good about Virtual Wards or anything you would like us to consider, please leave a comment below.

We will be developing a checklist for unpaid carers with suggested questions and issues to raise with professionals if the person they care for is being discharged into a Virtual Ward.

If you can, please help us influence and shape the implementation of Virtual Wards!

With thanks and good wishes