Wrong employment details

Hi all
I am applying for carers allowence at the moment. I am self employed & I filled in a self employment form & sent it back. I have been self employed since my son was born in 2006. Last time I did employed work was temping in 2006 before my son was done. They have now sent me 2 letters & forms to ask for details from 2 employers I have never worked for?! One is a recruitment consultant. If that consultant is the one who got me the temp jobs it would have been 13 years ago before my son was born. Does anyone know why they would be asking me about this? I only started getting DLA November last year.
Many thanks Jill

I am guessing there are gaps within your employment details N.I contributions.

I would send your full C.V. stating where you have worked and when. What your employment status was for each employment.

Try and find any P60’s verification paper work you have. Get it all compiled together. We are responsible for our own information. Not sure of your age but you could also perhaps request a N.I. contributions. This might give you some idea. What is currently held. Your can also request a complete overview of all your information. However you may not get this very quickly.

I’m new to this so hope I’m replying correctly.

Thank you Sunnydisposition. That does make sense. I havent paid NI since I was self employed but I thought there would be dates on my NI record that would be way before I got DLA. I was told on Friday that they sent a payment to me on Thursday but that is also the date of these letters so not sure what’s going on. Will call them on Monday but just stressing as I could really do with that money right now & I first applied at the end of January.

Thanks for your advice again :blush: