Writing a letter am i allowed?

There are a number of workers involved in one of my carees care but they really aren’t doing a good job to ensure he gets the appropriate care/support which as well is impacting on me.

Causing significant stress to both of us, these are well paid good responsable staff, NHS, Social Care and the voluntary sector.

Am I allowed to write to this people , do I write to the appropriate manager, go through complaints, been told that I cannot complain to one organisation as I am not the client/ patient service user.

I just feel this man is suffering a very poor low quality of life, just left to suffer and struggle.

Some of these staff could go the extra mile but just don’t, just feels very wrong, his life would be so much better if his needs were actually met.

Only the other day, he was saying that few staff really understand his condition, his life, his feelings.

He has an advocate but even they have done little to resolve his issues.

Ask him if he would like you to write a letter for him to sign.

You can raise a safeguarding issue if you feel it amounts to this.
Here’s a link of one organisation’s view of what constitutes safeguarding risk. http://hrch.nhs.uk/patients/patient-safety/safeguarding-adults-at-risk/
All health/social care organisations should follow the same principles
If you Google the relevant local authority and safeguarding you should get to their policy. Anyone can raise a safeguarding issue and it should be investigated in reasonable time