Would Carers UK back a day of action.

I very much doubt that they would…
If carers stopped caring the government couldn’t cope with the amount of carers they would need to employ.
A proper arganised protest is needed this can’t go on…
Well Carers UK
Yes or No ???

There is usually a Carers Week in June. I’d like to see a really hard hitting campaign for real rights for carers. People with learning difficulties who were living in the community had to move back in with their parents during the pandemic as devices they relied on simply closed down. One couple were 75 and 85. Another a 75 year old single parent caring for a year with no services at all. No direct payments either! In Australia there is a RIGHT to 6 weeks respite a year, arranged in advance, so my friend caring for her elderly mum could visit me and tour Europe. Isn’t it time we had more rights???

I certainly would. I am sick to death of being classed as unemployed when I actually work a heck of a lot longer than most 'employed people. I hate that the services are different wherever you go…I moved from London where I was ‘awarded’ 5 hours a week respite to Nottinghamshire where it’s 2 weeks a year and they don’t know how to pay it!
I am debating which bar of chocolate I can treat myself with on my 55p pay rise!

More importantly I wish that our MP’s would support us when given the opportunity or at least have someone represent us in the Government as the policy writers have NO IDEA of life as a carer within a disabled family.

In 2004, I put forward a motion proposing that Carers Allowance was increased to the same amount as the Minimum Wage. It was passed almost unanimously. Sadly there has been little progress since. Carers are 21st century slaves in my view. No right to sick pay or time off. Not allowed to study and care. Not allowed CA and the pension because of a DWP rule, when any pensioner carer surely deserves more help, not less??? Social Services policy changes mean there is no continuity whatsoever. Our lives don’t matter.