Withholding medication

I work for a care company in Wakefield West Yorks, helping to provide 24 hour care to a gentleman who lives at home, one of the carers who I work with decided to with hold a service users POM medication, as the carer decided the service user no longer needed it, although the medication states as directed, this can not be legal can it? Rob

Depends on what ‘as directed’ means in that particular case. What does the MAR chart say? It’s important to get clarification.

Mum was prescribed medicine for pain, up to two tablets up to four times daily, as needed. She also had other meds she had to take to manage other conditions/symptoms. The doctor prescribed them and they needed to be taken regularly.

Rob, I would seek advise/ clarification from the manager ASAP. They should contact the prescriber and/ or the pharmacist. The label needs to be made clearer - as directed isn’t good enough. You are right to be concerned. The gentleman is lucky to have you caring for him and looking out for his best interests.