Why do I keep focusing on things that don’t matter?

This isn’t as deep as it sounds, lately I’ve found myself being really fixated on things that, at the moment, do not matter. They will matter EVENTUALLY but not soon enough for me to be as focused on them as I am. For example: I’m in college, will be moving home in may for the summer. I am OBSESSED with finding a job for one reason, I have a tattoo appointment at the end of June and want to make sure I have money. But applying for a job right now is like WAY too early cuz I’m looking at retail jobs/simple customer service job and I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to find a job the week I get home. But despite knowing all of that I have SO much anxiety that I just focus and focus on applying for jobs and finding jobs and not having a job yet is stressing me out so much. Example 2: Next year I’ll be living in a new dorm. I’ll be fortunate enough to be a single person living in a double room (2 beds, 2 desks, 2 wardrobes) I won’t be moving in until AUGUST. I am insanely stressed about figuring out how to lay out my room to fit the two simple things I want (a nightstand and my tv in front of my bed). I have fixated on this so much I have MULTIPLE drawn out diagrams in my phone. Again, I know I shouldn’t worry about it now but I can’t stop.

Why am I doing this? How do I make it stop?

Are you an unpaid carer?