Who should be helping elderly on their own

one of my carees had the winter vomiting bug, very ill, contacted the GP who did nothing, keep warm , plenty of fluids and that’s about it really.

The caree very disabled has carers but only couple times a day, rest of the day caree totally on their own, basically very ill, if it wasn’t one end it was the other.

called 111 who advised best to stay at home, hospital doesn’t want winer vomiting bug.

But who should be helping, some one severely disabled who can barely manage then to become ill as well, just no help available.

Perhaps didn’t need hospital but needed someone to help clean themselves up, just generally be there to help there, a bit of physical and emotional support.

There just isn’t anyone , told not to call an ambulance so who should help, no family help available, few friends 100 per cent dependent on carers.

there just seems to be a big lack of emergency support, the majority of people, not nice but can cope with vomiting bug, couple of days and back to work.

So who should have helped should the GP have organised extra help, the care team organised more calls, or even temporary respite?

It was as usual me that went around to help as there just literally wasn’t anyone else.

A distressing situation that shows importance of maintaining good relationships with family and friends

I would assume :
If self funding then a call to carers to increase care
If via SS then call to them to arrange extra carers

Common sense would hope carers notice the situation and at least advise, if not arrange
The advice to stay away from hospital etc was right.

There is a huge gap in “community care” for this sort of eventuality. Under the Care Act Social Services are supposed to have a Rapid Response Team to help avoid admissions to hospital and support people just out of hospital.