What's the point of CHC Alliance?

I’ve come across the Continuing Health Care Alliance on Parkinsons Uk website, and emailed them my struggles getting CHC for my Mum some years ago and never received any response. I phoned them last week, they passed me on to someone who deals with that area, who assured me he’d get someone to phone me back that would be able to help and support me.

What happened was, he emailed me other organizations for me to contact, under the presumption they campaign ‘locally’; even though he assured me he’d help.

I have contacted these ‘other organizations’ who can’t/refuse to help.

I have since discovered the Continuing Health Care Alliance is only for the London area.

So what is the point of the Continuing Health Care Alliance then?

Being sent round in circles is a hazard of caring unfortunately.

Hope someone comes on here to answer who has direct experience of getting this