What happens to benefits if my wife goes into a hospice?

My wife has terminal cancer (but has had other health problems for many years), fairly well advanced, and wants to cared for at home, and thats all ok for now. She is shielding therefore I am shielding.
I look after her full time (gave up work to do that a while ago)
Benefits get us by and just about cover bills and basic living costs.
Apart from a million other concerns that I deal with, I am wondering what would happen to my wife benefits (pip esa + my carers allowance) if she goes into a hospice?
If they stop, I cant survive without an income (job). If i get a job then i will be mixing with people and would be a risk visiting my wife in a hospice, and they probably wouldn’t let me in?

If the benefits don’t stop, then that is a relief. But I need to know so i’m prepared.

Anyone know what happens?
Really appreciate it.
Mr. Mi


Can I ask you age. Are you a home owner or do you live in a rental property.

These questions are important as age matters. If you still reside in a owned property. As level of capital is crucial is sorting you finances.

Thanks for the reply
i’m 50, and we own our own home.

Thanks for the links I shall give them a read, i dont know if a care home is considered the same as a hospice?

Will my home have to be included in the means test?
In some situations, your home won’t be taken into account in the means test. There are a few circumstances where this applies:

If you need short-term or temporary care in a care home, your home won’t be in the means test.

If your care home is permanent, it won’t be counted if it’s still occupied by:

your partner or former partner, unless they are estranged from you
your estranged or divorced partner IF they are also a lone parent
a relative who is aged 60 or over
a relative who is disabled
a child of yours aged under 18
If your property is going to be included in the permanent care home means test, the council must ignore it for the first 12 weeks of your care. This is to give you space to decide what to do with your property and paying fees, for example whether to enter into a deferred payment agreement with the council. You will likely qualify for help with fees from the council for the 12 week period if your other capital assets are under £23,250.

For more information on this topic see our Property and paying for residential care