What are some of the worst ‘legal’ finance schemes running i

Just had my stomach turned by a charming ad in which Eamon Holmes encouraged me to release the equity in my home like it was the most casual, risk-free thing in the world.

What are some other financially dangerous things going on in the UK which people and their families should look out for?

Good day, Andrew. I must respectfully suggest that, while I appreciate your concern about dodgy financial schemes, this is not the best forum in which to air your views or seek advice. This is probably why you have had no response so far.

This forum is for people acting as carers, and to discuss related issues. It may be that you are a carer, but you have said nothing about this. If you are a carer and you think that financial schemes can impact on your caring duties, then tell us more.

The best advice I can suggest is approach your local Citizens’ Advice office, who will willing discuss the pros and cons of various financial schemes, and provide literature and sources of information.

Best wishes