Wernickes korsokoff

My mum who is 65 years old has recently been diagnosed with WK… which personally I’ve never heard of before now.
We first put mums confusion down to having a UTI and not being well, but in the last 3 months mum has been in and out of hospital and has now been diagnosed with wernickes korsokoff. She was a drinker but we think it got progressively worse over lockdown recently especially after losing her job last year.
My sister and I dont feel that we have been given any information on how to deal with this illness… its relentless every morning… mum thinks shes getting married and having babies and we try to tell her that all weddings are cancelled and were still not too sure what to say about the babies tbh. We realise it’s a short term memory problem but it’s getting harder by the day. Any advice on how to deal with the constant stream of questions would be greatly appreciated. We have tried writing things down so she can read thru it every morning but she still wakes up in a complete panic. She has 4 carers every day and we visit every day but we cant help feeling that it will get too much soon enough and she may need to go into a home but this is the last thing we want to do. Is anyone else out there going through or been through this that can shed some light on the best way to deal with it?
Thank you🙏

Hi Katy,
I’m sorry I have no experience of caring for someone with this condition, but didn’t want to leave your post without a reply.

There is information here https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/about-dementia/types-dementia/korsakoffs-syndrome In section 6 they give tips for supporting a person with this condition. As short term memory problems also affect those with dementia, reading up on strategies for supporting someone with dementia may be helpful too.


You are now in a way “parenting” your parent.
This situation is not what anyone wants, but it was apparently self inflicted.
Your role needs to be that of supervising mum’s care, but not providing the care yourselves. It is a very serious condition, from what I have read and long term residential care will become inevitable. Does mum own or rent her house? Does she have over £23,000 in savings? Is she receiving Attendance Allowance? Do you have Power of Attorney?

Thank you for your responses… it’s very much appreciated. It is a rare condition so any response is going to feel like a massive support. I have taken a look at the link you shared and it’s very helpful… thank you :pray:
In regards to mums finances she has less than 23k and we are currently sending the attendance allowance and power of attorney forms off.
I keep hearing that WK can be reversed so we are hoping by keeping mum on a healthy diet and staying off of alcohol which doesnt seem to be a problem at the mo… things might just get better… we have to try that’s for sure.
Thanks again :pray: