Vultures Preying On Pensions ? You Will Be Relieved To Know Just How Many Watchers Are Employed By The Watchdog

Mining / fishing /steelwork industries closed … latest carnage in The City where thousands are made redundant in an
effort to reduce costs … retail store chain just declared itself insolvent ?

The vultures decending on the ex workers in a kettle / committee / wake as best seen back in the 1980s / 1990s ?

Even today , the odd letter dropping on your door mat … unsolicited email … text on your mobile phone ?

Well , in 2019 , there is a Watchdog … appointed by the Government … Finance Conduct Authority ( FCA ) to act
as Chief Marshall in the new Wild West.

So , can we all sleep easier in our beds ?

City watchdog employs just 10 scam hunters as pensioners lose millions.

**Savers are losing their life savings to scammers, in some cases their entire £1m pension pots, under the watch of just 10 dedicated staff at the City watchdog.

Senior staff at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) made the admission today in front of MPs on the work and pensions select committee who had asked what protections pensioners can expect from an onslaught of fraudsters.

Andrew Bailey, head of the regulator, said a team of 10 out of a total staff of 3,700 are tasked with finding, preventing and shutting down scams.**

Hardly a day goes by without a story / article published on an individual being " Conned " by a vulture out there.

( Cement works in Argentina ? Coffee in Brazil ? Holiday Village in Florida ? Storage Units almost anywhere in the UK ? New
Containers for the Baltic Sea trade ? … some little more than brochures with pictures copied from the Internet … all from
recent articles ! )

Welcome indeed to the New Wild West !!!

One marshall for every 7 million odd citizens ???

( ps. New eerie abode for a former carer now a senior citizen … worth a punt ? )