Virus fallout

For the last two weeks I’ve been having a holiday in Cyprus to celebrate my 17th birthday, as I was born on Feb 29th. This is the first time ever that I’ve given myself a birthday special treat. I walked miles every day, and then rested, so I still popped into the forum to see how everyone was getting on.
Today, back to reality. Letters concerning M that need dealing with, phone calls from the care agency about the virus, then a day service, saying that people like M, who attends 3 different day services, must only go to ONE in future until the virus goes away. Nothing from Social Services to say what he is supposed to do on the 2 full days that he’s not going to a day service.
Hints that perhaps I should cover instead, but I am over 65 with health issues not supposed to be caring for anyone ever again!

It really is a difficult time.

My sons school is preparing to close. Just waiting on Boris.

If that happens I will stop my other one going to his day services myself if they dont close. But I think they will follow suit.

Why on earth should you have to cover. He has been in supported housing for a long time. And as you say you are 65!

The buck always seems to come back to us!