Uttlesford District Council Discrimination agains Carers

Uttlesford District Council are Compulsorily Purchasing the home of a son [me] and daughter-in-law that have given up careers to provide care and support to their elderly, disabled parents since 2001.

The only reason UDC are taking this action is because, to be able to provide that care, we were forced to move from our family home of 23-years, to live with my parents when our son was born.

We had to fight tooth & nail to obtain our right to a Class J exemption from council tax, only gained as the result of a VT decision, despite UDC’s Barrister… UDC has done the same to another taxpayer,

Despite evidence of incompetence and maladministration, UDC refuse to stop the CPO. We expect to loose our home and £150,00 of value from our retirement fund - that we will never recover - within weeks.

We think this is an infringement of our Human Rights and indirect discrimination against my parents.

We have never received an explanation for WHY? they think 8-years of persecution has been justified, simply because we care.

If you would like to support us, or to express your full support for Uttlesford’s actions, please email:

CEO Dawn French: dfrench@uttlesford.gov.uk
Deputy Director Housing Roz Millership: rmillership@uttlesford.gov.uk
Council Leader Cllr John Lodge: cllrlodge@uttlesford.gov.uk
Chair of Scrutiny Committee: cllrgregory@uttlesford.gov.uk

and express you view.

Many thanks


Contact your local MP, and also ring the Carers UK helpline.

We did… MP: Kemi Badenock - remember her, the potential Prime Minister of the People, Three Chief Executive Officers District Councillor, Council Chairman, Council Leader, Assistant Director Housing and Social Care, Monitoring Officer…

In fact, Assistant Director Housing & Social Care was the one that sought the Compulsory Purchase Order against our home after accepting that we had a legitimate reason for leaving our home unoccupied!

2021: Uttlesford was placed into Special Measures and a member of the Senior Leadership Team is under investigation by the Police for corruption…

We are taking the matter to Judicial Review, so watch this space!

Keep us updated, Neil.