I have been following Rear Admiral Phillip Matthias’ Campaign to get justice for the countless families severely affected by being denied NHS Continuing Health Care; who is now asking for feedback of families’ own personal experiences of how complicated officials deliberately make the process in preventing their loved ones qualify for what they should be entitled to.

Please see below message from... - Care To Be Different | Facebook

Please see below message from Philip Mathias following the publication of his leaflet (Dropbox - CHC social media.pdf - Simplify your life) which we posted a few days ago and do your bit to spread the word about the work which he is doing for those who are being denied justice.

Good morning.

So far there have been over 600 views of the CHC Linkedin article on my page (Philip Mathias on LinkedIn: The NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Scandal | 121 comments). Thank you to those who have already commented but we need many more.

There are 28 million people in the UK who use Linkedin.

Those of you who use Facebook/CTBD etc, please ask people to support the Linkedin article - quote me if you wish. If they don’t, I am not sure why I should put so much time and effort (and money) into this project.

I will review the situation at the end of the BH week-end, before deciding whether to proceed with work on engaging QCs who would be prepared to initiate a Judicial Review. This is now the only way forward to hold the NHS and government to account and to provide redress to those who have been unlawfully denied funding.