Unpaid Carers in Erewash /Derbyshire

Hi all
Just wondering if anyone in the Erewash /Derbyshire area has heard anything about their vaccine yet ? and if so how did they contact you ? thanks

Hello Sharon
I am in the east Midlands and at the minute I understand there is a shortage of vaccines in this area. I am waiting to get mine done locally via my GP ( they have assured me I’m on the list and will be contacted in due course).
Vaccines are available in other towns but I am unable to leave my caree for any length of time.
Hope you get sorted soon! X

hello ! I’m so sorry only just seen this
I’m trying to get my daughters booster sorted now shes 20 but cares for my dad who has suppressed immunity and ulcerative colitis - but I dont think she can have yet :frowning: