Understanding medical words

I am a care for my grandad who is in hospital at the moment. What does underlying dementia means

Hi David … lining dementia … in what context ?

An Internet search throws up lining in the context of silver lining … hope for an eventual cure … a couple of references to brain lining as to cause.

I meant underlying dementia

Underlying dementia … the causes thereof ?

NHS for a general summary :
Causes of dementia - NHS

Alzheimer’s Society … slightly more technical :


Hello David
My understanding, and I may be wrong, is the medical staff are checking to see if your grandad indeed has dementia, and if so determine what sort. Several sorts of dementia. Alzheimer’s and vascular seem to be the main ones.
I would ask the staff to explain to you what they actually mean.


For one definition of underlying:

This article may be helpful


David, would you like to tell us a bit more about grandad, and the reasons for his admission?
No one wants to have dementia, but IF he has a formal diagnosis of dementia, it will mean exemption from Council Tax, possible entitlement to Attendance Allowance, and maybe additional pension payments.
Money doesn’t make someone better, but it can certainly help make life easier. Is he going to be in hospital for a long time, or are they planning discharge before Christmas? Back to where he was living, or somewhere else?
Hospitals try to discharge as many patients as possible, but sometimes don’t always make sure that they will have the care and the aids they need. You have been warned!
Do not allow discharge anywhere until they have actually provided what is required, and it is all in situ.


Yes, HB. Besides the hospitals trying to free up more beds, the local authorities find it difficult to find care agencies willing to take new carees due to staff on leave. Same applies to the LA staff. From before Christmas until after first week in January.

Social Services told me to “apply again in January, we’re not taking on any more referrals until then” when my mum was bedbound with a problem leg.
I couldn’t care for her as I’d just had my abdomen opened right up!
Emergency carers hadn’t gone shopping “not my job” I was told, so on Christmas Eve the fridge was empty. The freezer was full though, but no one had looked.
In the end the GP sent mum for an X ray, which revealed……….a BROKEN LEG!