UC: if I move in to provide care, is my flat a '2nd home'?

I am my mother’s carer and receive Universal Credit with the carer’s element. She receives AA.

Her needs are increasing. If I move out of my flat and in with her to provide better care, is my flat regarded as a 2nd home and therefore disqualify me for UC purposes? I would keep it as my home but would not be living there for now.

I have read through the ‘Capital Disregards’ in the UC guidelines and cannot find any mention of this situation.

Any advice or pointers much appreciated.

Hi Tim,

welcome to the forum.

I suggest you contact the helpline:

Our telephone Helpline is available on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or you can contact us by email (> advice@carersuk.org> )


Tell us a bit more a bit more about who you are caring for, and the support they need.
There might be options you are not aware of.