Travel Insurance


I hesitated about putting this as I have zero links with the company and know a grand total of ONE person who has used them. However, a friend of mine with a terminal cancer diagnosis recommends this company for travel insurance when you have multiple health problems. She paid £36 for insurance for a week in Spain whereas every other company refused to cover her. Apparently they ask lots of questions but you get there in the end:

Anyway, just thought it may be of use to someone


Thanks Anne,
Getting health insurance is a nightmare for me, I have a holiday planned later this year and was just thinking I must sort out some insurance again, so your timing couldn’t have been better!

I use All Clear - that said, I have never had to claim on them!

With my husband with a terminal cancer diagnosis, we took a last family holiday BUT we did not ‘insure for the cancer’…ie, had anything happened to him that was BECAUSE he had cancer, rather than say from any other cause, then he would not have been covered. A fortnight in Europe cost under £30…BUT, to insure FOR the cancer would have cost £800!

I still use All Clear because of my hypertension.

It’s very easy to test out the cost by filling in the online form (use a pseudohym to begin with to flush out the quote, then refill with your actual details!) (Easy to create a pseudonymous email account on Google!) (You are not behaving fraudulently, merely checking prices!)

The online form allows you to ‘play around’ with the ‘what ifs’ of medical conditions, which is very helpful to see how the priceing is affected by what you do, and do not, insure for.