Transport services for mother with dementia and low mobility


My 90 year old mother has become very immobile during the pandemic. Her short term memory has also significantly deteriorated. My 88 year old dad does most of her care. I moved in during the pandemic to support care which was possible due to working from home. I am soon to return to working on site but will still live in for most of the week.

I recently took her to a hair appointment. The first since the second lockdown. The difference in her whole demeanour was massive. However, this is not considered a health or essential service for statutory transport purposes. I would like her to visit her hair stylist at least once a fortnight as it gave her such a lift - she was so communicative afterwards and seemed to have more energy.

I am struggling to find transport services so that we can book (and pay) for these trips. It would need to be a service we can trust where there is care to support her getting from the transport to the hair dressers. I know I would not be able to commit to driving her personally due to pressures of work so it would be a great relief to have some services recommended if, indeed, they exist. Thank you

I have a home hairdresser. She used to run her own salon, but the overheads meant it wasn’t economic.
My disabled mum also had a home hairdresser. Whilst I appreciate it’s not the same as going to a salon, it might actually still give mum the “lift” in her mood, without the hassle of getting her to a salon?
Depending on mum’s financial situation, do you think she would also enjoy a beauty treatment, maybe a hand or foot massage, a facial?
I enjoy a facial at home so much more than at a salon, I have it done on my bed, so relaxing.