Time for action

Once again another budget where Social Care and Unpaid Carers have been completely ignored. It is time we used our power if we are to get a fairer deal. Governments of all colours fail us and our loved ones because there is no consequence for ignoring us. Like many of my fellow unpaid carers we have bourne an increasing workload whilst at the same time coping on a fixed income, no respite, no day centres.
If we don’t start pushing back then the Government will do nothing to help.

Sad as it is Norman nothing will change in the near future. Many individual and charities have tried for years to get changes and recognition for unpaid carers. I think the current situation has made that even more impossible.

I am a lady born in the 50’s and have an extra six years to wait on my state pension. However. I’ve been an unpaid carer for over twenty years.

So I just think to myself it’s only a couple of years left to wait. If I can wait all these years a few more years is OK.


We just need to keep smiling. And support each other!!

Carers UK are a joke.
A schoolgirl takes on world leaders on climate change and gets them to rethink their ideas.
A footballer takes on the government and changes their mind on free school meals.
50 years of carers UK and we get a 35p a week increase.
It’s time carers UK stopped just taking the money and use it to take on this government…